Ready to Wear - VIAPIANA
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  • 14oz Kuroki army green selvage denim
  • Left hand twill
  • 10oz japanese selvage denim pocket bags
  • silver/ copper rivets and buttons
  • classic 5 pocket denim
  • 12 machines used in the tailoring process
  • core spun thread in 5 sizes
  • button hole sewn with Singer 99w (cut first)
  • rope lined belt loops
  • oiled veg tan leather
  • chain stitched hem
  • sewn by me, in Canada!!

sold out

  • 14oz Mystery roll (Japan)
  • 1 wash (so you dont have to!)
  • measurements reflect size after wash
  • slubby right hand twill
  • 10oz Japanese selvage pocket bags
  • chambray lined waistband and pockets
  • copper rivets
  • hand cast copper buckle back
  • 11 machines used in the tailoring process
  • 100% cotton thread (the real deal)
  • button holes done on a Durkopp 558
  • chain stitch hem
  • sewn by me, in Canada!


Here are the available sizes in which the rtw models can be bought. Please ensure that you have measured your jeans thoroughly with my guide before placing your order.

I may be able to alter the measurements slightly for you if you email me first and ask nicely! thanks!