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Living a life of individuality can be a clichéd statement on a clothing company’s website, but when your product is made to order this phrase becomes a little more valid. Viapiana’s products are for those that embrace the time and passion put into the work preparing a piece for purchase. Whether you are custom ordering, remember that with each Viapiana piece, you can find a quality craft that lasts wear upon wear, season upon season, and year upon year.

My Story…

“Viapiana”, is a family name, my family name. From the age of 5 my father was surrounded by the tailoring industry in Italy. It just seems natural that a bit of creative sewing rubbed off on me. Picking up the needle and thread and stepping on a few pedals of his sewing machines was a nice escape to a free and borderless world of, “custom anything.” Slowly moving my boundaries away and opening new doors I started to create pieces that not only I was proud of, but pieces that people wanted to buy. I started to custom for anyone and everyone.

Production of my work is the most important aspect that I’m concerned with. Every technique that I use has its specific purpose.

I enjoy using older machines for the reason that it gives the wearer as well as the maker a sense of accomplishment and care.
Fine-tuning and respect to the machines I use is an important part of coming out with a satisfying product.

Thanks for your interest,

Ben Viapiana