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Holland & Sherry is a very distinguished company that only deals in the finest materials. I am happy to provide my more refined clients with garments crafted from such fine materials.  I have plenty of colours and weights to choose from in corduroy and moleskin as well. Please don’t hesitate to ask about them.

The materials listed on this page need to be ordered in cut lengths from abroad. I will therefore ask for more time to complete your order.  Material from H&S should be dry cleaned by a professional and not washed under any circumstances.

For pricing and info, please contact me. Thank you very much.

Holland & Sherry 9oz cotton twill (very light weight)

Holland & Sherry 11.5oz cotton twill (midweight twills)

Holland & Sherry 15/16oz cotton twill (heavyweight but feels like an extremely soft 12oz in comparison to denim)

Holland & Sherry 9oz plain weave (lightweight canvas)

Holland & Sherry 14.5oz plain weave (mid-weight super soft canvas)

Holland & Sherry Denim


Holland & Sherry Stripes (lightweight)

Holland & Sherry wools and linens