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Shirting material

Here are some examples of what is available for shirting. Please note that some items have low stock and sometimes sell out faster than I can take them down. (If you don’t have a second favourite, please contact before to make sure I have some available.)

Thank you

S&P short for “salt & pepper” is woven in France by an amazing small mill, Manufacture Metis. I has a decent weight for a dressier style pant or a lightweight work pant. Also available for shirts.

i-173BP This is a soft to the touch chambray that makes for a very nice shirt. Once you see it in person you wont regret it!

8-9D Texas 8oz Sanforzied These denims are perfect for your western wear creation.

I-185W 6.5oz This vintage inspired Japanese denim is perfect for a western shirt. Lightweight and sanforized so it won’t shrink too much at all.

CF-Nat 10oz Sanforized This material is super furry on the outside. But a bit rough on the inside. Only for the brave!

NAT-Chino 6.5oz-8.5oz Sanforized Plain ecru twills are perfect for any type of shirt! Check out this one and tell me otherwise!!

C-701W 7oz Linen cotton blends like this are super fun to wear! They hang great and get more cozy the more you wear it! Here’s a close up of it paired with some denim.

HB-SO Sanforized and bio-washed. This is a herringbone material that I have access to. I currently have these 4 colours in stock, but can also get many more colours. Contact me for availability and pics of other colours.

HB-516 9oz Sanforized This herringbone material is great for a slightly more heavy shirt. It keeps its shape well and has a vintage army sort of vibe.

FR-HB Heavyweight material was probably used more jackets but can make for a sweet shirt. Check out this one I made for a buddy. It’s available in 3 colours, however the lighter one is 100% cotton and the darker 2 are a wool/cotton blend.

52 Moleskin This moleskin is not made from a million little animals all stitched together, but it is a cotton material that has a velvet like touch. Since it’s an English material, it’s softer to the touch than the more common French or German version. Shirts made with this material are very cozy and get super soft the more you wear them.

UNI 8oz Sanforized This Japanese material is super awesome for a bright coloured shirt. The weight makes it quite heavy but because of the looser weave, its very comfortable.

C-707N 5.5oz Very lightweight cotton/linen blend is great for layering. Will definitely get better with every wear.

C-705N 7.5oz This Japanese material has a super fun texture. It looks and feels as if there are chain stitches all over the material. Would look great in a pullover if I do say so myself.

C-704WR 6oz Vintage looking chambray for a very lightweight shirt. It has some great colours in the. weave which makes it a pleasure to wear, and work with!

C-708N 9oz This Wabash material is woven and not dyed. Its nice and starchy and is a little more stiff than your standard shirting material.

i-167WD 9.3oz sanforized right hand twill. This denim is super lightweight and I’d recommend it in a shirt any day! If you wanted some super lightweight jeans for summer this could be an option for you.

i-175W 10oz This denim is a perfect chore coat material. It would also be super nice as a shirt as well.

C-710N 5.6oz This Japanese chambray is a beautiful light hue of blue. Its sanforized and just feels softer and softer after each wash without the risk of shrinkage.

C-711N 6.3oz This Japanese chambray is the perfect weight. Not too heavy, not too light, and just the right amount of character. It’s sanforized, so wash as you please!